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Analyze job descriptions and reword your resume to match the role's requirements. Emphasize your most relevant skills and experience so you pass screening every time.


View all resume versions in one sleek library with intuitive naming and version history. Make tweaks globally for structured workflow and total resume management from one control center.

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About Us

Recruiters consistently advise tailoring your resume for each role. However, achieving this for every job is time-wasting, inefficient, and the biggest drop off for early career applicants. With Chameleon, it's easy: users drop in their resume, upload all the jobs they're applying to, and a user-friendly AI Resume Editor and organization tool. It helps tailor content with industry-specific suggestions and creates unique versions for different job positions. Chameleon also organizes and structures your numerous resumes by industry and company so you can finally keep track, find, and sync edits across any and all of your resumes. Bringing everything together, Chameleon's chrome extension allows applicants to instantly customize their resume for the role on-demand and autofill the rest of the application with their information to streamline the process. We're confident that Chameleon will transform the way early-career applicants approach their resumes, streamlining management, editing, tailoring, and submission, ensuring users always present their best colors in each application.